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Japanese green tea is the only beverage that can both relax and reactivate. 

Non-fermented Japanese green tea is rich in theanine to promote relaxation. This is a major difference from fermented typed black tea and Chinese tea. Japanese green tea provides not the relaxation by fragrance but the relaxation that the component works. Theanine also has the effect of increasing immunity. 

Another typical ingredient is catechin. Catechin breaks down body fat and lowers cholesterol. In addition, it has antioxidant and antiviral effects, and has a bactericidal effect. For viruses, catechins attach to protrusions of viruses and prevent infection. Although these research effects are the result of decades, Japanese green tea has a history of over 800 years and has been treated as a medicine for a long time.

Our products are the finest authentic Japanese green tea that includes all of these benefits. Japanese green tea is itself a bounty created by the earth. Japanese tea tree that grows only in a narrow range of 30 to 36 degrees north latitude. 

The secret that our products are the finest is in the mountainous region of the northern limit. Fog rising from the river at the foot of the mountain blocks excessive sunlight and creates soft and fragrant tea leaves. By growing slowly in the northern limit, abundant proteins such as theanine are accumulated. People call these tea leaves a natural Gyokuro. Do you think that such a terroir is normal in Japanese green tea production areas? No, extremely exceptional. 

This area is only 1% of Japanese green tea production. And share to the total world green tea production is only 0.004%. This is a miracle terroir.


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“In a tasting questionnaire for 140 people in the Marais district in Paris in June 2018, 88% of our Sencha and 93% of Hojicha responded that they liked it..”

Ç'est Bon Le Japon 2018 July