Tea leaves selection & more

The standard for ZENJIRO to choose green tea leaves and matcha is a little different from other tea masters in Japan.

The purpose of green tea is to extract and enjoy the components, but when ZENJIRO chooses tea leaves, he consider other factors. ZENJIRO thinks that aroma and flavor determine the character of tea and the taste determines quality.

As ZENJIRO's view as important, the aroma emphasizes the type of scent rather than the strength of the flavor. It is the individuality caused by organic compounds and is determined by the terroir including the soil.

Not interested in the production area quiz.

We are not interested in quizzes that guess the green tea production area. We Imagine the customer in mind and we are pursuing the best quality for it.


“Good tea” conditions are very similar to “good wine” conditions. In other words, the quality can be defined as the better the sense that deeply spreads and deepens the taste of the throat when drunk.

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