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ZENJIRO Green Tea - Mino Shirakawa 1/100

ZENJIRO Green Tea - Mino Shirakawa 1/100


"1/100 Mino Shirakawa" is a representative product of ZENJIRO green tea. We carefully selected the most high qualitied tea leaves of Mino Shirakawa’s green tea cultivation, which has a history of over 600 years. We made a luxurious tea bag out of it. It is suitable for free style drinking and easy to infuse both hot and cold.

  • Product Info

    If hot, first extract theanine and enjoy the umami. It has anti-stress action and can be relaxed. Finally, extract catechins at high temperatures. Although its taste would be astringent, effects such as suppression of blood pressure increase, blood cholesterol control, blood glucose level control, antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-cancer have been reported. You can enjoy theanine even in the cold water extracted drink.

  • How To Enjoy

    1st-2nd cup: 2 min with 65 °C
    3rd cup: 30 sec with 100 °C
    1st-3rd cup: 30 sec with 100 °C
    1st-2nd cup: 1 min with 80 °C
    3rd cup: 30 sec with 100 °C
    Sencha: 5 min with room temp
    Hojicha: 10 min with room temp
    Blend: 8 min with room temp
    **Use soft water with the hardness of 60 mg / L or less.

  • Contents

    Tea bag type:
    Sencha: 2g x 4 bags
    Hojicha: 2g x 4 bags
    Blend: 2g x 4 bags
    Box Size: 85 x 85 x85 mm cube
    Place of origin :Gifu Prefecture, Japan
    Best before date: Displayed on the label