tcha-tcha Confluence

Japanese Tea House in Lyon, France


tcha-tcha Confluence

Salon de thé Japonais

55 Rue Denuzière 69002 Lyon, FRANCE

Tel: +33 (0)4 78 79 18 68

Monday - Friday : 10:00 - 18:30

Japanese green tea products

Green tea drinks, coffee

Japanese sweets (Anko sweets etc)

Japanese light meals (Onigiri etc)



Take-out of pre-order for light meals is available.


Our tearoom offers rare and quality tea from the ZENJIRO and tcha-tcha brands, served with choice Japanese snacks to accompany it. You will spend a moment of relaxation and convivial pleasure, in a world of flavors both traditional and innovative.

Our selection of ZENJIRO green tea

Mino Shirakawa
The Mino Shirakawa tea range is our pride. Cultivated at an altitude of 800 meters, covered by its notorious mist, the natural conditions are there to produce an exceptional taste. The quantity of production being limited, rare are the places, like tcha-tcha, which can boast of offering these products of the Japanese soil.


Mino Shirakawa Sencha € 5.5
Sencha is a classic green tea from Japan. It has the distinction of being rich in Umami, the 5th taste discovered by the Japanese. We invite you to taste the excellence of our teas in its purest form.

Mino Shirakawa Hojicha € 4.0
Hojicha is roasted green tea, low in theine. This process allows the tea to give a toasty and woody note. A tea to try for coffee buffs who shun the tea.

Mino Shirakawa Blend 4.5 €
Blend Mino shirakawa is the skilful blend of Sencha and Hojicha teas giving birth to a taste like nowhere else.



Onigiri Nature 2,5 €
Rice balls in their simplest clothes, salted and seated on its seaweed cover. To eat covered, of course.


Spicy onigiri 3 €
Rice balls covered with spices according to the seasons.



Monaka with Azuki 2,5 €
A bean paste with whipped cream in a rice wafer, or the best friend of an afternoon in the tea room!


Our Green Tea products
If you liked the teas, it is possible to buy our tea bag boxes or packets of loose ZENJIRO teas.

Zenjiro Mino Shirakawa Box 20 €
Box of 12 tea bags, for a perfect dosage and a simple infusion.

ZENJIRO Sencha 20 €
40g sachet of Japanese classic green tea, Sencha

ZENJIRO Hojicha 20 €
80g bag of Japanese roasted green tea, Hojicha

ZENJIRO Matcha 20 €
 40g bag of Matcha tea (Japanese green tea powder)